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Dr. Christopher Wood

La Crescent chiropractor, Dr. Christopher Wood

When I was in 7th grade, I went in to make a layup while playing on my middle school basketball team. As I began to jump, I felt something give in my back. I immediately fell to the ground with excruciating pain. I had injured my lower back. I spent most of the next week hunched over because the pain was so bad. I tried pain relievers, ice, and heat without much relief. My parents even had me meet with a personal trainer who recommended that I use a hot tub. The pain lasted over a month. While my pain diminished, my back still felt weak and unstable.

I was unable to enjoy playing basketball for several weeks while my condition healed slowly. If someone had only recommended that I see a chiropractor, I’m sure my condition would have gotten better faster. I also believe that I wouldn’t have the occasional back problems that I still have today. If only I had known! Read more about Dr. Wood »

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